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It's Made Up of Almost 2,000 Small Islands

Yep, you read that correctly. The Maldives is made up of around 1,190 individual islands, peppered across the Indian Ocean, just below India and Sri Lanka. Some are so small that you'll have to zoom waaaaaaay in on your Google map before you even notice they're there..

Maldives has come to be seen as a quintessential island holiday destination, with entire sand-circled islands owned by resorts, who manage each part of the island's environment to give it the look and feel of paradise. The clear waters surrounding the islands offer plentiful dive sites, rich in tropical fish and coral formations, with the smaller, less-populated islands surrounded by the richest marine environments, largely undisturbed by industry and tourism. Larger islands here offer an array of bars, restaurants, and clubs--their higher population means they also feature religious sites and markets selling local produce. Make the most of your holiday in Maldives by finding out about its attractions and choosing what to see.


Shopping, historic sites, sightseeing
Visit for: 4 days

Maafushi Island

Visit for: 3 days

Southern Ari Atoll

Adventure, beaches
Visit for: 2 days


Visit for: 2 days


Spas, adventure, shopping
Visit for: 2 days